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Our Home

Our Home

My University Of Florida Graduate!!

My University Of Florida Graduate!!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Storm FAY

Well folks, we in our area have not been hit with any kind of big storm in a couple of years now, so I guess we were due! Fay managed to hit us and she then decided she was going to stall and sit right on top of us so for two days we were slammed with rain, wind and tornadoes. We lost power, and all the goodies that go with that, so I was ruffing it as all the men in the house were at work, crazy people still being open!..lol...I managed to sit and read from my favorite book saga TWILIGHT!!..There was alot of damage done in our area, but thankfully we escaped harm. We are still flooded out around here, and trying to dry out but thats also been hard as this is Florida in the summer and that usally means some kind of storm in the late afternoons! One day hopefull soon we will be able to drive everywhere in town and mow our yards again...lol...here are some pictures of the front of our house that were taken Sunday, 3 days after storm!!..enjoy :-)


Doreen said...

HOLY SMOKES DAWN!!! Three days after the storm..that's amazing!

How have you been other than the crazy weather.how are the plans for your daughters wedding coming along?

Hope you are well.


Karen said...

Wow Dawn - so much water. Glad you are all safe though.

I just gave you an award...you can pick it up here: http://mycolonialhome.blogspot.com/