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Welcome to my blog!...I'm an official blogger now...lol
My name is Dawn and I live in Northeast Florida with my husband and our two kids, our black labs, Hamilton & Annabelle. I do have two "regular" kids that are grown and on their own...I will chat more about them later...lol

I love anything old and primitive! I'm always trying to take our house BACK in time, but trying to get that stuck in hubby's brain is a task in itself!!...lol...I love to create primitives, with dolls being my favorite :-) I'm very fortunate to be able to stay at home and prim all day in my jammies, what a life eh!?...lol....I hope that you will peak in from time to time to see whats happening in my world :-)

New Website Open

I just wanted to let you know that my selling blog(website) is now open. I will continue to add items daily as I'm filling it up. Some items have already found new homes, but there are still goodies there to be adopted. You can find my website at http://www.picturetrail.com/theforgottenbarn or the link in the left column will also get you there. Thanks to all my customers for your continued support!!

Our Home

Our Home

My University Of Florida Graduate!!

My University Of Florida Graduate!!
My Daughter Ashlee & Fiance Justin

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Nice Surprise!!

Today the door bell rang, and I wasn't dressed (as usuall...hehehe) so I didn't open it and come to find out it was Mr. Mailman delivering me a package. I looked at the address and new it well, as it was from one of my favorite buyers (which also happens to be a seller), but hummmm, I didn't order anything from Janet, so I couldn't wait to open it!!! When I did, inside was this wonderful set of grubby tealights, a lil candle holder and a WONDERFUL Thank You note from her!!!! WOW this really made my day, Thanks so much Janet, your such a sweetheart!!!! :-) Please everyone, if ya have an extra few minutes, be sure to check out her website http://www.winterwillowprimitives.com


Saturday, December 6, 2008


GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!....Beat Bama!!!!!!!!

WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO Florida Gators are the 2008 SEC Champions!!!

Florida 31 - Alabama 20




Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Merry Give Away!

Hi everyone! I decided to play Santa this year as I just love this time of year! I'm having a GIVE AWAY on my website for a great prim rag doll who is rag stuffed and dressed with an antique red/white quilt! If you would like to be entered in the give away just visit my website for all the details!


Monday, November 24, 2008


Are there any Twilight Fans fans out there like me????

My daughter Ashlee is in a book club, and one day last summer she said "mom, you should read this book, we all loved it and I know you will too". I took the book home, and then we happened to loose power the next day due to a tropical storm, so I began reading....well, I could NOT put it down and read the entire book in one night!! It was that good :-) I love to read, and this one really had me!!. I immediatley called Ashlee and said ummmm, I WANT the second book in the series, (there are 4) as she had books 2 & 3 also. I drove over got them, and read them both back to back. I then had to run out to the store and get the 4th book which happened to just come out, and read that one too!! Yes, couldn't put it down either!!, so I had read all 4 books in the series in 4 days and was hooked, obsessed and wanted more. Unfortuntley I had to wait until Nov. 21st for the movie to come out for more!!...ahhhhhhh....Well, Nov. 21st finally got here, and Ashlee had gotten our tickets for the midnight opening showing so we actually went on Thursday night to me...lol...along with thousands of other fans including all the screaming teens, so it was an adventure in itself..lol...I could have done without the CONSTANT screaming EVERY time Edward came on the scence or when he looked at Bella, once or twice was enough!!..lol...I have to admdit though, when he looked at Bella, I got butterflies in my tummy :-) and thought, dern, he can look at me that way any day!! ;-) I had a wonderful time with the entire experience and look forward to the DVD of the movie and the 2nd & 3rd movie coming out that are already in the works!!
I will always be a TWILIGHT fan and I'm most defentitley ALL TEAM EDWARD!! :-)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Antiques & Collectibles Page!!


I have just added a new page to my website...it's an entire page of antiques and collectibles I will be offering!! Please CLICK HERE to be taken there directly or you can find the link on my website.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm still plugging away here, making prims for the season, 'cause before we know it we'll all be making SPRING prims!!...lol....here is my latest winter snowgal named PRAIRIE DRIFT. You can find all the info on her on my website where she is available for adoption.



Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Child's Wish

I have to say, this is by far my FAVORITE piece I have ever done, and REALLY debated on keeping this one!! This is my Father Christmas and the Christmas Teddy....He is available for adoption and you can see him, the story and all the details on my website...www.dawngunning.blogspot.com



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chillin Charlie!!

I'd like you to meet Chillin Charlie who is my latest snowman make-do who is available for sale on my website. Visit my website for more information on him and other great prims available.



Monday, November 3, 2008

Florida/Georgia Weekend!!!

I had a FANTASTIC time at our annual Florida/Georgia weekend, which is labeled "The World's Largest Cocktail Party"!!!...lol...We had a great time playing bean bag toss, drinking, socializing and of course watching the big game...The Gators put an old fashioned southern ass whooping on the Bulldogs this year which made it even better, as the final score was Florida 49 Georgia 10!! I'm already looking forward to next year, even though I'm still whooped...lol :-)

Florida/Georgia Weekend!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Standing Old World Santa

Here is my lastest creation and he's sooooooooo prim!! He's for sale on my website if you would like to get more information!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Christmas Prims!!

Hi everyone!...I just wanted to let you all know that I have added these two new prims to my website today! Still lots of goodies still available! To see these prims and to get more info, please visit my webiste at www.dawngunning.blogspot.com




Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Prim House

I thought maybe it was time that I should share some of my prims and antiques with you all. Okay now, with me doing this and you all being my friends and all I KNOW I need to dust, I'm just saving up to hire a maid!!...hehehehe...Enjoy!!














Friday, October 10, 2008

A HUGE Thanks

I wanted to send out the biggest HUGS I can to Annette of Huckleberry Arts!!!
The other day I woke to having part of my website background gone...ahhhh...after tying all morning to fix it, I contacted Annette who went way beyond to help be get it fixed. Between the two of us we manged to get-r-done!!...lol...even though it did take into the night to do it!!...lol...If you are looking for any kind of graphics, please look into her, as Annette has a heart of gold!!

HUGS Annette!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Website Goodies Added!!

Good Morning!
I have actually been working since my daughters wedding, and I have gotten quite a few goodies finished and added to my website! I also have a couple things I'm working on for my Simply Primitives update on the 15th. Here are the goodies I have added this morning, maybe you'll see something ya just haveta have!! ;-)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Daughters Wedding!!

WOW is about all I can say about the day...after all the stress and tears in the planning, the day was just beautiful!! My daughter was so breathtaking, that it was very overwhelming for me as the Mom!! ;-) I wanted to get this posted for you all to enjoy, but I will add more decriptions soon after I re-coop ;-)
CONGRATULATIONS Ashlee & Justin!!Just married Oct 3, 2008

Okay, I have had a couple days to relax and get my emotions in tact!
The morning of the wedding was stress free. My sister and her kids were at their hotel, and I sat out back on the patio with my morning coffee, kinda stunned that the day was actually here!..lol....The girls were going to the mall to get their make-up done, and then off to the hair dresser for their up-do's. I decided to just let them have girlie time ;-) My brother was due in that late morning, so I had wanted to stick around for his arrival. I did run to the store with Ashlee for us to pick up the flowers she wanted for her bouquet. After arriving home I put them in water and got more coffee and headed out back where at this time my sister was here and we needed to start on my hair, as I was a tad bit behind. After fiddling with my hair, and catching up on all the good stuff with my sister I realized we were WAY behind!!...lol...Now at this time, it has hit me that I still needed to decorate 1 bow, a floor planter and put together Ashlee's bouquet!..lol...I made a mad dash to the craft room for all the supplies to get things done!!...meanwhile my sister is saying BREATHE, BREATHE...lol...After everything was done at the house, and my sister and I grabbed everything and loaded up the van, we headed to the club with me speeding as I'm a good 45 mins. behind, and still had alot to do once I got there!
Once at the club, were went right into the reception area and deligated some of the servers to what the tables were to look like (as they were suppose to already had done this part!) then my sister and I went to the cake to get that decorated. I didn't think it turned out half bad, and Ashlee LOVED it, so it was all good :-)
Everything was finished outside and then the girls arrived and Ashlee and them put the place cards in place and checked everything out and we all smiled and headed to the room where we were to make sure we were all more beautiful than ever!...lol
Momma here was doing just fine with lacing up Ashlee's gown and watching all the girls run around and being happy but then when I was putting on Ashlee's veil, the emotions just hit me and momma lost it. Ashlee kept telling me to stop crying as she was winking at me, and I told her, "this is my right as your mom, sush!!" :-)That was a special moment for the two of us...The ceremony was just beautiful and everything went so smooth. We did get a kick out of Emily the flower girl as after Ashlee was standing with Justin, Alysen the maid of honor adjusted Ashlee's train, and then Emily throughout the ceremony was just NOT happy with Alysen's work, and she kept going to adjust it the way SHE wanted!! ;-) Dinner was great, and then the good times began!! The night went by sooooooooo quickly that alot of it is a blurr :-( I was very worried about how my ex in-laws of 18 yrs. would treat me, as it was hard for me not to include myself in their group as that was my family forever, and I didn't know what to do with my feelings and also knowing even though it was sad and hard for me, that was no longer my place. Most of them were great, I got hugs and we laughed and cried. It was one set that stood out, as this was the sister-in-law who really didn't like me, and I never knew why all those years. She was the one who went out of her way to apoligize for all those years and told me I will ALWAYS be family and we talked for a long time and actually BONDED which we had never done, that meant more to me than anyone will know.
Before we knew it the cake was being cut, the toast was made, bouquet tossed, and the garter thrown (my 24 yr. old son caught the garter..lol)and then the happy couple had their last dance to everyone blowing bubbles :-) Then it was time to say goodbye to the bride and groom. We all waived goodbye as Ashlee put Justin in the passenger seat!!!!...to funny, and off they went, my daughter was now Mrs. Justin Kirk!!
My hubby and I then got a cocktail and sat down to realax and smile as we reflected on the day, as after all the stress and tears with a years worth of planning, seeing how happy Ashlee was made it worth every minute!! :-)

My First Award!!

I have been given my first blogger award from Kim of My Colonial Home. Thanks so much Kim, this is quite an honor! :-)

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a lik to the person who awarded it to you
3. Nominate 7(minimum 5) other blogs
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I nominate:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Storm FAY

Well folks, we in our area have not been hit with any kind of big storm in a couple of years now, so I guess we were due! Fay managed to hit us and she then decided she was going to stall and sit right on top of us so for two days we were slammed with rain, wind and tornadoes. We lost power, and all the goodies that go with that, so I was ruffing it as all the men in the house were at work, crazy people still being open!..lol...I managed to sit and read from my favorite book saga TWILIGHT!!..There was alot of damage done in our area, but thankfully we escaped harm. We are still flooded out around here, and trying to dry out but thats also been hard as this is Florida in the summer and that usally means some kind of storm in the late afternoons! One day hopefull soon we will be able to drive everywhere in town and mow our yards again...lol...here are some pictures of the front of our house that were taken Sunday, 3 days after storm!!..enjoy :-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy Bee, I am....

Hi everyone! This is getting to be a very bust time for me! My daughter is getting married Oct. 3rd, and the stress to starting to mount!!...lol..I have made all the flowers for the wedding and got them out of the way. The might look a lil on the pink side, but they are all the dark fall colors. Ashlee really loved them so it's all good!...lol


I also had added quite a few new dolls and goodies to my website this week, not to mention the other udates at Simply Primitives, Lemon Poppy Seeds and Buttermilk Creek Marketplace that are due the 15th of the month!!..ahhhh..okay, breathe, breathe, breathe...:-)

Okay, back to work, or maybe a nap!?...hummmmmm

Friday, July 18, 2008



I'd like ya to meet Gourdy which is a wonderful primitive make-do!! I have added him to my website this afternoon if ya wanna take a peek :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zelda & Ester

Hi everyone! Today has been yet another stormy day here in Florida...it is getting old, but does make it easier to be inside working...lol..I have just added 2 new dolls to my website this afternoon. One is ZELDA the witch and her cat Otis, and the other is a folk art doll named Ester. Please visit my website if you would like to get more details on them!...okay back to work I go, have a wonderful day all!! :-)



Monday, July 14, 2008



I'd like ya to meet Miss Queen Angel who is a great folk art angel. She is loaded with personality!! Queen Angel is for sale on my new website if you would like to see more details on her :-)

QUEEN ANGEL has found a new home....look for more folk art dolls to come :-)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A RAINNY Summer Here In Florida!!

Hi everyone! Well it seems that everyday we have some nasty severe storms roll through here, where I loose power and my internet!! GRRRRRRRRRRR...but in the mean time I have opened my newest spot on the web to offer you my prims!! You can find my new home at www.dawngunning.blogspot.com

I will be offering there mostly dolls and prims that are ready to ship, they are for your immediate enjoyment!!

I do have some great news to share....I have the honor of being amoung some very talented artists at Simply Primitives!! My grand opening should be the 15th of July if all goes well...I am VERY excited :-)

I have a new granddog in the family!!...my daughter Ashlee has added an adorable Toy Boxer to her family which she named Lola :-) I will be adding pic. of her as soon as I can get ahold of them, as she sure is a sweetie!

Okay, I'm getting back to work to add more goodies to my new site! Look forward to seeing your comments soon!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've Got The Bug

I have been sick, oh so sick, this past weekend and this week so far :-(I'm still looking for that jar of energy that I hid away for occasions such as this, but have yet to find it ;-)I'm hoping to get back to normal again soon, okay fine, as normal as this girls' gonna get :-)

My Baby Girl Is Graduating!!!

On Saturday May 3rd, my daughter Ashlee is graduating from the University Of Florida!! We are so very proud of her! Ashlee is such a joy to this world, and warms the heart of all she comes in contact with. On my music playlist I have added the song "In My Daughters Eyes" and dedicate it to my daughter Ashlee who I love more than life itself :-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Springtime

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Creations

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today is Wednesday and I'm finally setting up my blog!! I have to admit this is a learning experience for me, so every day will be a new adventure.
It warmed up a tad here today after a very chilly night here in Northern Florida, but I want my 80's back!!..lol...I HATE being cold, could be why I don't live in Michigan anymore ;-)
I do love the spring though, as it brings all the new growth and color back to our world. I have already planted my flowers in my pots, buckets and beds throughout the yard. I'm sure as time goes by, I'll add some more...hehehe...I sometimes have a tendency to forget the poor things, and I see them looking sad and droopy..lol....I have made a promise this year (yes, another one...lol) that I won't forget to give them the attention they need, so, we'll see ;-)