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Our Home

Our Home

My University Of Florida Graduate!!

My University Of Florida Graduate!!
My Daughter Ashlee & Fiance Justin

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Daughters Wedding!!

WOW is about all I can say about the day...after all the stress and tears in the planning, the day was just beautiful!! My daughter was so breathtaking, that it was very overwhelming for me as the Mom!! ;-) I wanted to get this posted for you all to enjoy, but I will add more decriptions soon after I re-coop ;-)
CONGRATULATIONS Ashlee & Justin!!Just married Oct 3, 2008

Okay, I have had a couple days to relax and get my emotions in tact!
The morning of the wedding was stress free. My sister and her kids were at their hotel, and I sat out back on the patio with my morning coffee, kinda stunned that the day was actually here!..lol....The girls were going to the mall to get their make-up done, and then off to the hair dresser for their up-do's. I decided to just let them have girlie time ;-) My brother was due in that late morning, so I had wanted to stick around for his arrival. I did run to the store with Ashlee for us to pick up the flowers she wanted for her bouquet. After arriving home I put them in water and got more coffee and headed out back where at this time my sister was here and we needed to start on my hair, as I was a tad bit behind. After fiddling with my hair, and catching up on all the good stuff with my sister I realized we were WAY behind!!...lol...Now at this time, it has hit me that I still needed to decorate 1 bow, a floor planter and put together Ashlee's bouquet!..lol...I made a mad dash to the craft room for all the supplies to get things done!!...meanwhile my sister is saying BREATHE, BREATHE...lol...After everything was done at the house, and my sister and I grabbed everything and loaded up the van, we headed to the club with me speeding as I'm a good 45 mins. behind, and still had alot to do once I got there!
Once at the club, were went right into the reception area and deligated some of the servers to what the tables were to look like (as they were suppose to already had done this part!) then my sister and I went to the cake to get that decorated. I didn't think it turned out half bad, and Ashlee LOVED it, so it was all good :-)
Everything was finished outside and then the girls arrived and Ashlee and them put the place cards in place and checked everything out and we all smiled and headed to the room where we were to make sure we were all more beautiful than ever!...lol
Momma here was doing just fine with lacing up Ashlee's gown and watching all the girls run around and being happy but then when I was putting on Ashlee's veil, the emotions just hit me and momma lost it. Ashlee kept telling me to stop crying as she was winking at me, and I told her, "this is my right as your mom, sush!!" :-)That was a special moment for the two of us...The ceremony was just beautiful and everything went so smooth. We did get a kick out of Emily the flower girl as after Ashlee was standing with Justin, Alysen the maid of honor adjusted Ashlee's train, and then Emily throughout the ceremony was just NOT happy with Alysen's work, and she kept going to adjust it the way SHE wanted!! ;-) Dinner was great, and then the good times began!! The night went by sooooooooo quickly that alot of it is a blurr :-( I was very worried about how my ex in-laws of 18 yrs. would treat me, as it was hard for me not to include myself in their group as that was my family forever, and I didn't know what to do with my feelings and also knowing even though it was sad and hard for me, that was no longer my place. Most of them were great, I got hugs and we laughed and cried. It was one set that stood out, as this was the sister-in-law who really didn't like me, and I never knew why all those years. She was the one who went out of her way to apoligize for all those years and told me I will ALWAYS be family and we talked for a long time and actually BONDED which we had never done, that meant more to me than anyone will know.
Before we knew it the cake was being cut, the toast was made, bouquet tossed, and the garter thrown (my 24 yr. old son caught the garter..lol)and then the happy couple had their last dance to everyone blowing bubbles :-) Then it was time to say goodbye to the bride and groom. We all waived goodbye as Ashlee put Justin in the passenger seat!!!!...to funny, and off they went, my daughter was now Mrs. Justin Kirk!!
My hubby and I then got a cocktail and sat down to realax and smile as we reflected on the day, as after all the stress and tears with a years worth of planning, seeing how happy Ashlee was made it worth every minute!! :-)


underthewillow said...

What wonderful pictures Dawn!....Congratulations and Best Wishes to them both!

Homespun Heart Primitives said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! Your daughter is beautiful bride.

Doreen said...

Congratulations. Looks like it was a wonderful day...she looks just beautiful.

You did a lot of work for this wedding and it all came out wonderful.


Karen said...

HiDawn, I posted here the other day when you posted your daughters wedding but it isn't here...hmmmm, anyway, beautiful wedding and your daughter is just beautiful.